• Curious to know what the most common and best shade trees in Florida are? Arborwise Tree Service has put together this guide to educate you on the top 5  popular trees in your area that commonly give you shade. Let’s dive in to learn more.

    Weeping Willow Tree

    The Weeping Willow is also known by the name “Salix babylonica”. It is one of the most beautiful and best shade trees in florida. Although weeping willows are naturally attracted to water, many species are better suited for dry environments. The tree’s deep roots can block drains and sewers. With a similar spread, weeping willow trees can reach 30-50 feet in height.

    American Sycamore Tree

    The American Sycamore tree, also known as the American plan tree, can grow to great heights. If there’s enough space, Sycamores can be found near ponds or lakes. However, they can also be planted in private yards. Sycamores grow at a moderate to rapid rate, about two feet per year. They eventually reach a maturity height between 75 and 100 feet. If they are well maintained, these majestic trees can live for over 250 years. Wind and snow can cause severe damage to large trees. They can drop lots of debris in their mature years.

    Northern Red Oak Tree

    According to the Arborwise Tree Service, the Northern Red Oak Tree is the most beautiful shade-giving tree in America. It is well-known for its utility and versatility, as well its resilience in urban environments. It is well-known for its stunning fall colors, wildlife importance, and status as the state tree.

    Silver Maple Tree

    Acer saccharinum is another name for the Silver Maple. The silver maple is a shade-giving, large tree that can grow up to 6 feet per year. It has silvery lower leaves and can reach a height of 50 to 80 feet. The spread of the silver maple is 35 to 70 feet. However, the silver maple’s rapid growth can come at a price. The trees’ fragile limbs can be broken in strong winds and heavy snowfall. Because of their shallow roots, Arborwise Tree Service recommends that silver maple trees be planted away from walkways and driveways.

    American Holly Tree

    Ilex Opaca is another name for the American Holley. These beautiful broad-leaved evergreens can grow to a height of 98 feet and a width of 33-66 feet. These trees have a pyramidal shape and bright red berries. They also have dark green fibrous leaves with sharp edges. American holly trees are one of the best shade trees in Florida for landscaping. They are also good for the environment and the surrounding atmosphere. The deep leaves allow small creatures to hide, and the red berries are a food source for many birds. American lilies are dioecious. This means that they can be either male or female. Red berries are only produced by female holly trees. It may take up to five years to determine if you have a male or female American Holly Tree.

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