• Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal

    21 Mar 2022 | blog | admin

  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

    Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

    This might seem like a straightforward “yes” or “no” question. But it is not. Will your Homeowners insurance cover tree removal if the tree fell due to a named peril such as windstorm, fire, or vandalism? Will it cover stump removal? There are times when you have to take responsibility for removing a fallen tree. Your insurer may not pay or it is too expensive. Will your homeowners insurance cover tree removal? Let’s find out.

    What is the best time to have tree removal covered by your home insurance?

    The perils that your insurance policy covers typically include fire, smoke, lightning, falling objects, and the weight of snow, ice, or sleet. In most cases, insurance will cover the removal of a tree from your home if it falls on you because of one of these common perils.

    Let’s say that you have a small pine tree grove next to your home and three of them get knocked down by a strong windstorm, causing damage to your roof. Your insurance policy should cover both the repair and removal of trees after you have paid your deductible.

    The trees fell on the house in this case. However, if the trees are not close to the house, they may not be covered. It all depends on the cause of the tree’s fall and whether it caused any damage to your property.

    Will homeowners insurance cover tree removal or if lightning strikes it and splits it in half? Your insurance policy would have to cover the cost of any damage to your home. 

    This subtle distinction can cause confusion. If the tree is damaged by lightning, fire, lightning, or other perils, then the cost of having it trimmed and removed from your property will be covered. However, if the damage is caused by hail, lightning, hurricane/tornadoes, or any other type of windstorm, your coverage will only cover the extent of your buildings.

    What is the best way to get tree removal coverage for your home?

    Will your homeowners insurance cover tree removal if tree debris falls on your property and is not caused by wind, snow, hail, or ice? In short, no. You will be responsible for the removal costs if it lands on your lawn.

    Will your homeowners insurance cover tree removal if there is flood or earthquake damage, which is the most popular type? You will need an additional policy, or a rider to your existing policy, to cover damage caused by floods or earthquakes. Your standard policy will not cover tree removals due to flooding.

    What about old age, rot, and other diseases? 

    These are usually excluded, too. You will likely be responsible for the removal of your tree if it is in its last years or shows signs of deterioration.

    Here’s where things get complicated: If a tree falls because of a covered peril but an insurance adjuster finds that it was damaged or rotten before the loss, the insurance company could deny liability. This is because you should have known about the damage and taken action before it happened.

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