• How Much Does Tree Removal In Clearwater Cost

    3 Oct 2022 | blog | admin

  • It’s best to leave the job to professionals at Arborwise Tree Service when removing a tree. How much will tree removal in Clearwater cost you?

    To have a professional take down a tree, an average homeowner in the U.S. will pay $630. A large tree removal project could cost $1935 while a smaller project can cost 150.

    The final cost will depend on the size of your tree, its accessibility and health. Do you need the stump ground or the debris removed? This will add cost. Other services aside, the average price range for professional tree removal in Clearwater is $385 to 1,070 or $15 to $14 per Foot.

    What is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?

    • Average National Cost: $630
    • Price range: $385 – $1,070 or $10 – $14 per Foot.
    • Extremely Low End: $150
    • Extremely High End: $1935

    The cost of tree removal will depend on many factors including the location of your home, the professional team you use, and the size of your tree.

    These tree removal prices should provide an estimate of what you can expect to pay for an average project, or more extreme projects.

    Cost estimator by size

    The most important factor in determining the overall cost of a project is the tree’s size. Large trees pose more safety and risk than small ones. Tall trees will require arborists to use special equipment. The risk of injury is higher, so the cost will also be higher.

    Be aware that not all tree care companies or arborists will classify your tree’s height in the same way. Tree removal in Clearwater professionals may classify a small tree as one less than 25 feet high or an extremely tall tree as one that is over 100 feet.

    How much will it cost to remove a medium-sized tree? Below are some examples of typical ranges:

    Cost of tree removal by type

    The cost of removing a tree is more affected by its size than its type. It is likely that two different types of trees with the same height will cost the same amount to remove. It is possible to determine the type of tree, which can give you an idea of the height of the mature tree, which will help in estimating costs.

    Other factors that affect cost

    The price of a tree is largely determined by its size. However, there are other factors that can affect the cost.

    Fallen tree

    A fallen tree is less expensive than a standing one. A standing tree is more dangerous than a falling tree, and a fallen tree has fewer safety hazards.

    You can expect to pay $85-300 for a professional team to remove a tree from your yard.

    Tree condition

    Sometimes, the tree that you have to take out isn’t in good health. Trees that are unhealthy can pose serious dangers, particularly to the health of nearby trees. They should be removed.

    You may end up paying more to remove a tree that is still healthy but it’s still standing. However, many dead or sick trees are more fragile than those that are healthy and can be easier to remove.

    The bottom line is 

    Arborwise Tree Service will inspect your tree and provide a cost estimate based upon its health. A tree that is not in good health may need to be removed. If the tree is weak, removal costs are likely to be lower. Our team at Arborwise Tree Service is available to help you with tree care challenges of any kind.  Contact us today for your quote on your lawn services such as:

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