• The Cost For Tree Removal In Largo FL

    10 Oct 2022 | blog | admin

  • The main determinant of tree removal in Largo FL is its size. Costs will also be affected by the tree’s condition and difficulty in removal. The average cost of removing a tree is $1200. To remove smaller trees, it costs $400 to. Trees over 100 feet tall can be removed for $2,000 or more

    Average Tree Removal Price

    Type of cost The amount
    Average Price $1,200
    Highest Cost $2,000
    Lowest Cost $400

    Factors that Affect Tree Removal Cost

    The Tree Species, Height and Volume

    When pricing tree removal, the tree species will be closely tied to its height and volume. Pine trees and maple trees can grow up to 100 feet tall. It is possible to have them removed for as much as $2,000. Oaks can reach a height of 20 feet higher than maples or pines so removal will likely cost between $800 to $1,500 .

    The deciding factor is not just height. It is possible for Italian Cypress trees to reach 50 feet in height, but because of their thin trunks and low volume, they are easy to remove. They can be safely tipped over and pulled apart in some cases. The cost of removal is around $400.

    Palm trees are similar in that they are tall but small. The average cost of removing a palm tree ranges between $200 to $500.

    Physical Obstacles

    Even the most straightforward tree removal can be complicated by obstacles. Tree removal costs can be inflated by these obstacles:

    • Tree in poor condition: dead, leaning, etc.
    • There is not much room for the tree to be felled.
    • Vehicles have limited access
    • Property with a slope
    • Moist or rocky soil
    • There are other trees in the vicinity that can hinder work


    Like other emergency services, emergency tree removal is likely to be more expensive than those that promise quick response. An average rule of thumb is that emergency tree removal will be more expensive than regular tree removal. Urgent tree removal will typically cost $2,500.

    Crane Rental

    The tree removal cost will rise sharply if a crane is required to remove the tree. The cost of crane-assisted tree cutting will rise by $250 to $600 each day.

    Traffic Control

    The cost of flaggers, cones, and traffic control will increase the cost of tree removal if a street is to be shut down completely or partially. A flagging crew of two can run between $175 to $225 an hour .


    Sometimes, it is necessary to hire a certified arborist to assess whether a tree should been removed, pruned, or treated. An arborist report may be required to obtain a permit for tree removal from your municipality. An arborist report costs $450.

    Stump Grinding

    The stump will remain after the tree is removed. The stump will eventually fall apart, but this can take many years. New sprouts can even grow from the stump over time.

    Grinding down a tree stump is often part of the removal process. On average, stump grinding costs $300-400.

    To remove the stump to a depth of six inches below the soil’s surface, a special stump-grinding device with spinning blades can be used.

    How to determine if a tree should be removed

    To determine if the tree should be cut, consult an ISA Certified Arborist. Here are some factors to consider:

    • Tree Species – Undesirable Tree species : These tree species may be prone to insect infestation or break frequently.
    • Tree Health – If the tree has at least half its health, it is likely to survive. If the tree is more than half dead, it might be time to get rid of it.
    • Trunk Injury – Trees with long cracks, or other severe damage may need to be cut down.
    • Hollowness – Hollowness does not necessarily mean that the tree should be removed. If the tree is hollower than 30%, it may be necessary to remove it.
    • Dead Branch – The tree may only require pruning if less than a quarter are damaged.
    • Position of Dead Branch – It’s usually a sign that there is disease, root or trunk damage.
    • Leaning Trees – Even healthy trees that lean more than 15% from vertical plumb must be removed.

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