• Tree Trimming Cost Explained With Arborwise Tree Service

    6 Feb 2023 | blog | admin

  • The tree in your front yard used to be beautiful, but now it seems like a disaster waiting for its time. But don’t worry! With a simple tree trimming, you can transform this potential danger into the focal point of your property. The job isn’t as expensive as you think.

    This guide will show you how much it costs to trim a tree in Pinellas. It also explains why you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. Keep reading for more helpful tips!

    Why DIY Tree Pruning Is More Expensive than Hiring a Professional

    You might consider trimming your tree yourself if you have a tight budget. Although this may seem like a great idea, in theory, it is not always practical. 

    It can be more expensive to hire a professional than just trimming your tree yourself. Here are some reasons:

    You need the right tools. You will need them if you don’t have them yet. This can be quite costly. A professional tree trimming company will bring all the tools, so there’s no need to worry about extra costs.

    Pruning trees can be hazardous if you do it yourself. It is easy to get hurt if you try to balance on a ladder, climb up into a tree or use a saw while trimming it. You could end up in the hospital with a bad cut or even a serious injury. The cost of tree trimming will likely be higher than the cost of the company.

    Even if your technique is perfect, it can be difficult to see where the branches will fall after you have cut them. You’ll be responsible for any damage to your vehicle, home, or other personal belongings caused by a fallen branch.

    Aside from all this, trimming your own tree can cause you to lose time for other tasks or hobbies. You might consider hiring a professional tree trimmer to spend the weekend with your family, your partner, or doing other things you enjoy.

    It is almost always better to hire professionals than to try to do it yourself.

    Average Cost for Tree Trimming in Pinellas

    Every company has its own tree trimming rates. It can be difficult to give a price for a job because of this. For tree trimming services, the average cost is $300-$700.

    You might think, “That’s quite a high price.” However, there are many factors that can affect the final cost of your service. Before you pay any money to a tree trimming company, it is a good idea to ask them if their rates are going up or down based on these factors.

    Number Of Trees

    This is a simple one: The more trees that you have to trim, you will pay. To get a precise estimate, tell the company how many trees you need to be trimmed up.

    Size of Tree

    Are you looking for a tree that is taller or larger with many branches? Maybe it’s leaning dangerously to one side? This type of tree will be more difficult to trim, and you’ll likely spend more on large trees. This is especially true when they charge per tree.

    Tree Health

    It could be dead or have some type of disease. It is more hazardous to trim or remove, so the tree trimming company may charge more.


    Trimmers can also be at greater risk from certain tree pests. Pests can make trimming more difficult. If the company discovers that the tree is home to pests, don’t be surprised to pay more.

    Stump Removal

    If you plan to completely remove a tree, the stump might be more expensive. The company might charge an additional fee if you need to remove the stump using different tools.

    Easy Access

    Are you able to reach your tree from a convenient location? Tree trimmers will use a bucket truck to reach high branches if this is the case.

    If your tree is difficult to reach, the crew might need to climb it and take out branches. This is dangerous and more expensive so the price of the job will increase.

    Budgeting your Tree Trimming in Pinellas

    These factors will help you to estimate the cost of tree trimming in Pinellas. These can be shared with tree trimming companies to help you get a more precise estimate as the job progresses.

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