• Trees are an integral part of our natural world, offering numerous advantages to wildlife, people, and the environment. Trees provide shade, clean air and aesthetic beauty – but can become damaged due to storm damage, animal harm or human error. No matter the cause, a tree wound can be detrimental for its health and survival; that is why this article will focus on treating tree wounds so they remain healthy and strong in perpetuity.

    What Is A Tree Wound?

    A tree wound is any damage done to its bark, branches or trunk. Tree wounds can occur due to storms, animal attacks, construction activities or even improper pruning techniques. No matter the cause of these wounds, trees must endure serious consequences for their health and survival.

    Why Are Tree Wounds An Issue?

    Tree bark serves as a protective layer that keeps pests, disease and other harmful organisms out of the tree. When damaged or compromised, this protective layer is compromised, leaving your tree more susceptible to infection and decay. Furthermore, wounds may weaken its structure making it more vulnerable to storm damage or other external factors.

    How To Deal With Tree Wounds?

    Assess The Damage

    Assessing a tree wound is the initial step in treating it. This will help determine what course of action to take; if the wound is small, you may be able to treat it yourself; however, if there is extensive damage or the tree is large, professional arborists are recommended for assistance.

    Clean The Wound

    Once you have assessed the damage, the next step is to clean the wound. Use a sharp knife to carefully scrape away any loose or damaged bark around the wound while being mindful not to cut into healthy bark. Doing this helps prevent disease or decay spreading to healthy parts of the tree.

    Apply Wound Dressing

    Once the wound is cleaned and disinfected, apply a wound dressing to help protect the tree from infection and decay. There are many types of dressings available, both commercial products and homemade remedies. One common DIY remedy involves mixing equal parts beeswax, lanolin and boiled linseed oil together in an equal proportion. Apply this dressing using a paintbrush.

    Monitor The Wound

    Once you have treated the wound, it is essential to periodically monitor for signs of infection or decay. Check the wound regularly for changes in color, texture or odor; if you observe any indications of infection such as oozing or discoloration, contact a certified arborist immediately.

    Prevent Future Damage

    To safeguard your tree from potential future harm, take steps to protect it from external elements like storms, animals or construction activities. Avoid pruning during the growing season as this can weaken it and leave it more susceptible to damage. If necessary, prune during dormant season for added strength and resilience.


    Tree wounds can be a serious threat to trees’ health and survival. But with proper assessment and treatment, you can help safeguard your trees from infection and decay. Clean the wound, apply an antibiotic dressing, monitor its progress, and take measures to avoid future damage. If unsure how best to handle a tree wound, consult a professional arborist for assistance. With proper care and attention from you and your arborist, your trees will continue providing beauty, shade, and environmental benefits for years into the future.

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