• Can You Plant A Tree Where A Stump Was Removed?

    26 Jun 2023 | blog | admin

  • A dead tree in Pinellas County leaves a hole in your yard. Its shade and beauty are gone. You are anxious to replant and you want to know the answer to a common question homeowners ask. Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? Our experts at Arborwise Tree Service in Pinellas County are experienced in tree and stump removal. You can find our answers in this blog.

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    Why Did The First Tree Die?

    Consider why the tree that was there died. The circumstances of the death of the tree could have an impact on the health and longevity of the new tree. Below, you can learn about some of the most common causes for tree death.

    Poor Soil Quality

    A tree can die because its soil lacks nutrients that will support it long-term. A soil with an unbalanced acidity level can also cause a tree to die. Test the soil’s pH and nutrient levels before you replant the tree in the same place.

    The Disease

    A disease can also kill trees. Even the strongest trees can be brought down by bacterial, viral and fungal infections. You should not plant a new tree if your tree has died due to an infection. The disease-causing organisms may be present in the roots and stump of your tree, which can then spread to a new healthy tree.

    Other Environmental Issues

    Some trees can die due to other causes, such as:

    • Conditions that did not promote optimal tree health. Too much shade and not enough water
    • Age
    • Traumatic injury (i.e. Wind or lightning trauma)

    Another tree can survive at the site of the old one. Before you can plant a tree, the old tree must be completely removed.

    The Pitfalls In Planting A New Tree Inplace An Old Tree

    It’s not easy to plant a new tree where an old one was. Your new tree may struggle not only because of the soil or spreading disease, but also:

    • The roots of the old trees are too deep to allow for growth.
    • Old trees use most nutrients
    • The soil can become uninhabitable by sawdust or other tree remains.

    The majority of tree experts will not recommend planting a tree where an old one stood. You may unknowingly waste money and be disappointed.

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    Can You Plant A Tree Where A Stump Was Removed

    Can You Plant A Tree Where A Stump Was Removed?

    Can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? You can plant a tree, even though it’s not recommended. You must be very careful to determine and evaluate the cause of death for your old tree.

    The new tree may suffer the same problems as the old one. Losses will continue to occur. Before you dig, do the following:

    • Test the soil with these kits.
    • Check that the location is suitable for the tree.
    • Remove all traces of old trees.
    • To ensure that the tree receives the nutrition it needs, mix in a fertilizer or compost.
    • Follow the guidelines for planting trees.

    Arborwise Tree Service Can Give Your New Tree A Strong Start

    So, can you plant a tree where a stump was removed? You can technically. You can, but you’ll need to remove the entire old tree first.

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