• How To Remove A Tree Stump And Roots

    You’ve likely thought of how to remove a stump from your yard if one of your trees is dead or damaged. You may have thought about burning it or digging it out manually. Perhaps you wondered if you could get it out using a truck or a car.

    It doesn’t take much time to remove a stump from a tree. This guide will show you how to remove a tree stump and roots, but ultimately, show you why you should choose Arborwise Tree Service for the job at hand.

    How To Remove A Tree Stump And Roots

    Eliminate any obstructions

    • Begin by trimming the stump to the ground using a chainsaw.
    • Grab any stones that are near the stump’s base. The blades of the stump grinder can be damaged by hard debris.
    • Make sure the equipment is in top working order. A stump can be removed by removing a dull blade or missing tooth. These parts can be sharpened and replaced as necessary.
    • Plan how you will deal with the huge amount of debris created by the stump grinder.
    • You can protect the environment. A stump grinder can be used to throw enough debris to break the glass. You might consider covering any windows or doors that are near the stump with plywood. Any cars that may be parked nearby the stump should be moved.

    Grind the Tree Stump

    The stump grinder’s front teeth are sharp and can cut straight into the stump. It quickly cuts the stump wood into pieces that can be piled up.

    • While you are trying to figure out how to remove a stump from a tree, make sure that you read the instructions on how to use the stump grinder. Turn the machine on and drive the teeth towards the stump.
    • With the brake lever, raise the grinder’s cutting wheel a few inches from the stump’s front edge.
    • Slowly lower the spindle-driven cutting wheel onto the stump. Let it gnaw on the surface by moving sideways.

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    How To Remove A Tree Stump And Roots

    Explore the Stump Deeper

    • Move the machine forward by raising the wheel. Continue this motion until the stump is removed and you have dug into the ground.
    • To find stumps in natural areas, you should dig approximately four inches below the ground. For stumps in grassy areas, you will need to dig a few inches more

    Take out the roots

    • You should remove any roots growing from the stump.
    • To achieve this, you may have to increase the throttle.

    The Grinder should be turned off

    • Turn off the machine by first lowering the engine speed and then flipping the emergency switch to turn off the motor.
    • Before safely removing the grinder, set the parking brake. Wait until all internal parts have stopped moving.

    Dress the Stump Area

    • You should then cover the stump and enrich your yard.
    • Mulch or wood chips can be used to cover the hole in natural settings. To create grassy landscapes, fill your hole with wood chips. Topsoil can be added to the hole to reduce soil compaction.
    • Lightly rake the area. Apply fresh grass seed to the soil. For healthy growth, water regularly.
    • Once the stump has been removed, cover the area with a cloth. Then monitor the area and take care of it the same way as you would for your other lawns.

    Safety Tips for Stump Removal

    • When performing heavy-duty tasks like removing a tree stump, ensure you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment.
    • Do not use the stump grinder if children or pets are present.
    • Do not use the stump grinder in proximity to flammable liquids, gas, or dust.
    • Your tree stump removal project should be started in the morning. Avoid working late at night as it can be difficult to see what you’re doing.

    Instead of manually digging roots and wood out of the ground, the best method to remove a stump from a tree is to use a machine that can quickly cut it up. A stump grinder can help you save a lot of time.

    However, you don’t need to purchase a stump grinder. You can call Arborwise Tree Service because they are experts on how to remove tree stump and roots. The process on how to remove stumps and their roots can be very daunting and one mistake can turn your beautiful yard into a up rooted mess. Our team at Arborwise Tree Service is available to help you with tree care challenges of any kind.  Contact us today for your quote on your lawn services such as how to remove a tree stump and roots as well as:

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