• Tree limb Support

    As trees grow, some of their branches may become heavy. Or unwind with weak attachments. Some trees, like the sugar maple, are known for having heavy components and rarely breaking. However, other trees, such as beeches or Red Maples, can also break under heavy snowfall. By supporting the limbs of your trees, you can reduce the chance of property damage. You will also extend the life span of your tree. We’ll discuss the best wiring or cabling for tree branches and how to support inner drooping tree limbs to protect your tree.

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    Common structural defects in trees

    It’s essential to understand the structural defects that trees may have, which can result in the need for extra support.

    Some of the areas where you may be concerned include:

    • It can be due to poor growth, pests, or even storms. Depending on the issue, these branches may need to either be removed or trimmed. A certified arborist can help you assess the situation.
    • Environmental stressors and pest activity can cause canopy health to be compromised. Unbalanced or sparse canopies produce dead and exposed branches.
    • Unstable branching patterns with weak or overly attached components that cannot be reduced or removed by pruning.
    • Lightning or weather-related splitting can cause minor cracks in the bark or into the wood of the tree.

    Tree Support Systems Types

    Several tree limb supports are available that can help leaders, branches, or even entire trees. When necessary, proper support for the tree limbs will limit the movement of leaders, branches, or even whole trees.


    Support cables for tree limbs help limit the distance that a branch or dominant stem can move relative to the rest of your tree. The wires will not bend to the point of breaking.

    Cables can be used to reduce the chance of a branch breaking and support a fork that is weak. Cabling can also be used to support overextended branches.

    A certified arborist can help you determine the best way to use cables to support your tree’s limbs. They will also assess how many wires or bracerods are needed. The arborist will determine where the line is most effective. If you’re also getting a lightning-protection system, all the components of the cable system will be connected to that system.

    Brace Rods

    When your tree has several leaders with a weak connection point, a certified arborist can use brace rods to support the tree.

    Brace rods can also be used to repair a split branch or a fork that has already separated. In some cases, brace rods can be used to improve a division or a divided branch.

    Installing brace rods with at least one cable on top will provide additional support. These decisions are made based on the size of the tree, any structural problems, and if there is decay.

    Tree Stakes

    Need Any Tree Care Service?


    Tree limb Support

    Different from brace rods or cables, tree stakes hold the newly planted tree upright. They also keep the roots in place until the tree has established itself. Certified arborists discourage staking because trees with adequate roots don’t require staking and can flex in the wind for good stem taper. Staking is a helpful tree support system if trees are planted on steep slopes, in loose soil, or have large, top-heavy crowns. To encourage movement and stronger stem growth, some slack can be incorporated into the system. A certified arborist will inspect the stakes regularly to ensure that they are not damaging the tree. They will also remove the stakes as soon as it is stable.

    Why you should hire an arborist

    No one wants to see their favorite tree become dangerous with heavy branches. Inadequate tree care or a lack of maintenance can cause defects such as weak branches and the need for tree support limbs. Arborists who are certified can provide assessments of tree health and risks to identify problems before they become serious. They can install a system that is suitable for your tree and perform regular inspections and maintenance. It can be challenging to spot tree defects without training and experience. Catching these problems early will save you money and prevent damage and tree loss.

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