• What, When and Why: The Best Way to Fertilize Trees

    11 Sep 2023 | blog | admin

  • Best Way to Fertilize Trees

    Your tree should be the best it can be. To grow bigger. To grow larger. To look better. You must take care of it all year round. It is essential to water it in dry periods. Mulch your tree in the spring. The best way to fertilize trees is to provide them with the necessary nutrients if they are lacking.

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    By fertilizing your trees, you can replace the minerals and nutrients missing in the soil.

    Your Tree Fertilization Guide

    You can find out everything you need to know about how and when to fertilize your tree.

    Why should I fertilize my tree?

    Fertilizer is essential for healthy trees.

    Nutrient deficiencies can still shake trees, even though they are strong. Fertilization provides trees with essential nutrients and supports their growth. It also contributes to their overall health and vitality.

    Do I Need to Fertilize My Tree?

    In forests, soils are rich in nutrients. This is only sometimes the case in our gardens.

    We remove nutrients from the soil by sweeping away fallen leaves, twigs, and bark. The grass that grows around trees is often unnatural and competes with trees for water and nutrients. We often have to use a slow-release fertilizer to replace the nutrients lost by our trees.

    You can tell if your tree lacks nutrients by looking for certain signs.

    If you notice these signs, you can use fertilization to restore your plants’ health.

    • Annual twig growth is shorter than normal
    • A canopy with fewer leaves of a smaller size and a lower number.
    • Dead branches and branch tips
    • Leaf veins darker that leaf margins

    Most species of leaves can be any other color than dark green. For example, yellow or purple.

    If you notice any of these symptoms in your trees, have an arborist from your area inspect the tree and test the soil to provide a diagnosis. Even the leaves can be tested to determine nutrient deficiencies.

    When is the Best Time to Fertilize Trees?

    Arborwise Tree Services uses a slow-release fertilizer that releases nutrients evenly over time. Avoid applying fertilizer to extremely dry soil, frozen or saturated with rainwater.

    Fertilizing at certain times of the year can be beneficial.

    Fertilizing In Fall…

    Recover nutrients lost by the soil during the summer.

    Fertilizing In Spring…

    Supports new growth during the essential growing season.

    Leaves will stay vibrant and green all summer long.

    Provides essential nutrients to keep the tree healthy.

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    How to Choose the Right Fertilizer for My Tree

    Look for a tree fertilizer with a low salt index and a slow release (also known as controlled release) of nitrogen. Look for the product that is best for your area. it combines three macro-nutrients – nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and phosphorus. This mimics the natural environment, giving trees the nutrients that they need to flourish it contains PPA as well, which is an amino acid. It helps increase nutrient availability and reduce nutrient loss from watering or rain.

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