• Stump Grinding

  • Tree stumps can be annoying and often dangerous when they are in a yard or near pedestrian traffic.  Arbor Wise Professional Tree Care provides stump grinding and stump removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

    No more mowing around the stumps in your yard, it is time to get those stumps removed by professionals.

    Stump Grinding is a process that grinds down the stumps to completely remove them from the landscape.

    Tree Removal may not always include Stump Removal as this is typically a more costly job and requires more machinery.  Here at Arbor Wise, we provide the professional service to get the job done right and remove all tree stumps.

    Why not rent a stump grinder and do it yourself?  These machines can cost a couple hundred dollars to rent, are extremely heavy and very dangerous.  Let the professionals help and do the stump grinding service for you!

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