• Trees require regular maintenance just like your lawn. Regular tree trimming in Clearwater Florida will ensure they are healthy and safe, as well as increase curb appeal and property value. Here are reasons your trees need to be trimmed in Clearwater Fl.

    Pruning Your Trees Keeps Them Healthy

    Tree trimming in Clearwater Florida is essential for their structural support. Removing dead or dying branches is needed otherwise they can damage. These branches can compete with the healthier branches and steal nutrients from the rest. Instead of feeding only healthy, vibrant branches, nutrients like fertilizer, water and food are being divided among the dead and healthy branches. This will reduce waste and increase the nutrients your healthy branches receive.

    trimming your trees also improves their overall structure and supports preventing them from growing large or weak branches. By trimming your tree, you can prevent limbs from crossing over and growing weaker crotches. This will also help to prevent bark damage. If branches grow out of control and cross over one another, they can compete for light and space in the crown. The tree’s health will be greatly improved by trimming its branches.

    Untrimmed Trees Pose Safety Hazards

    Unruly trees that have low or overhanging branches can be dangerous. Rogue branches can hang in your yard, driveway and walkways creating dangerous obstacles that people have to navigate around. Low branches can cause injury to people and pose a hazard for your family.

    Also, unkempt trees can pose a serious threat to your home. Dead or diseased branches can cause mold, pests, and other diseases. Large branches hanging over your home can cause structural damage and your roof and siding could be damaged by branches that rub against your home during strong winds. Large branches that are too high can fall onto your roof, causing damage to your belongings and possibly injury to others. Unruly, low-hanging branches can cause injury to your family members and property damage.

    Tidy Trees Increase Curb Appeal & Property Value

    Tree trimming is not only good for your trees but also your home’s aesthetic. You can enjoy a better view of your property by trimming back large, unruly trees. This will also increase curb appeal and enhance your home’s curb appeal. A well-maintained yard with trimmed trees will increase curb appeal and ultimately property value. A home with untidy landscapes and dangerous trees can actually devalue its value and make it less attractive to the eye.

    Trees that have not been properly trimmed in Clearwater Fl can quickly become dangerously large, posing safety risks to you and your loved one and causing property damage.

    Do You Need Tree Trimming In Clearwater Florida?

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