• Why should you do rejuvenation pruning?

    23 Oct 2023 | blog | admin

  • rejuvenation pruning

    It’s time for spring pruning, the perfect time to rejuvenate your landscape with rejuvenation pruning.

    There are four main reasons to prune a plant.

    1. Improve flower or fruit production
    1. Directing the growth and form of a plant
    1. Change the size of the plant
    1. Promote plant health

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    It’s time to prune many Florida landscape plants as spring is just around the bend. Allowing a plant to flush from rejuvenation trimming can give it new life.

    What is rejuvenation pruning, then?

    Rejuvenation is the process of removing old or overgrown branches so that new healthy ones can be grown in their place. Plants in need of rejuvenation may be “hard-pruned” or gradually pruned.

    Why do we rejuvenate our trees?

    This deep pruning technique is used to “rejuvenate the health” of shrubs. Regular pruning is necessary to keep shrubs from becoming crowded and untidy, producing fewer flowers and making them look unhealthy.

    When does rejuvenation pruning become necessary?

    This form of radical pruning is done when shrubs have become overgrown, are leggy, or dying on the inside. They may also be flowering slowly. This is what happens when multi-stemmed, fast-growing shrubs have not been pruned properly for several years.

    These shrubs get a new start with rejuvenation pruning. The shrub will quickly begin to grow again after the stems are cut down to the soil. After rejuvenation, flowering shrubs will produce more flowers in the following year. Dogwoods and other shrubs with colored stems tend to grow brighter.

    When should you rejuvenate prune?

    Early spring is the best time to do a renewal or rejuvenation pruning. This type of pruning can be harmful to plants if done later in the year.

    What Landscape plants benefit from rejuvenation trimming?

    Flowers of perennials that grow quickly are frozen into sticks

    You can cut back the following plants every year: Firespike; Lantana; Butterfly Bush, Milkweed and Plumbago.

    Spring-blooming plants are those that have finished flowering. Spring-blooming plants include Azaleas, Camellia, and many others. Spring bloomers can be pruned after they have flowered, but not before the Fourth July. This is because these plants start setting next year’s flowers from mid-summer through fall. You will not see blooms in spring if you prune late. These plants may appear dead, but they still have life. This set of plants should only be pruned after they have flowered.

    After hard frosts, Ornamental Grasses like Flax, muhly grass and Pampas Grass require rejuvenation cutting. The dead leaves and frost damage will not be left behind, and the plant will look healthier.

    Leggy-looking plants, such as Drift Roses and Knockout, are signs that they need rejuvenation trimming. When a plant grows too fast on old wood, the old branches can restrict the nutrients to the limbs. Rejuvenation pruning allows for more growth without the dead “leggy” limbs.

    When you prune at the right time of year, it can help improve structure, control your plant’s growth and promote beautiful blooms. You can relax if you’re happy with your plant’s size, shape and blooming. It’s possible that you don’t need to prune anything at all.

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    rejuvenation pruning

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