• Palm trees are a stately feature in Florida and the pride of many neighborhoods and highways. Because of how easy it is to care for these trees, many residents are eager to plant palm trees on their properties. Carpentaria and King, Queen, as well as Royal palm trees are some of the fastest growing palm trees in Florida. Continue reading to find out more about these trees, and which one may be the best for your landscape.

    1. Carpentaria Palm Tree

    Florida’s Carpentaria palm tree has become a very popular option for landscaping and easy to maintain with our services. This palm is often planted next to another one of its species. Carpentarias are great for planting in front of buildings and as the focal point at your property’s entry. These are additional facts:

    • Scientific name - Carpentarias is also known as Carpentaria acuminata.
    • Yearly Growth - They average 6 feet in height per year.
    • Mature height – They can reach a mature height between 20-40 feet.
    • Appearance - Carpentaria palm tree are tall and slim. The crownshaft of the tree is covered in fronds that are dark green and large.
    • Flowering - They can bud tiny white flowers in spring and fall.
    • The ideal environment and care for these palms - They thrive in moist, well-drained ground. They require moderate watering, but can thrive in indirect sunlight.

    2. King Palm Tree

    King palm trees can thrive outside and are extremely hardy and are tough to remove for transport. They are great houseplants when they’re young. These noble trees are worth learning more about:

    • Scientific name - King palm trees can be scientifically called Archontophoenix alexandrae.
    • Yearly Growth - King palms grow approximately 3 feet each year.
    • Mature height – They can reach maturity at a height of 40-60 feet.
    • Look - These trees have a wide, brown trunk and greenish-brown rings around the crownshaft. They have bright green leaves which scale both the crownshaft’s top and bottom.
    • Flowering - Kings palms produce pink flowers between November and February.
    • The ideal environment and care for King palms: King Palms need moderate watering, well-drained, and adequate sunlight.

    3. Queen Palm Tree

    Queen palm trees in Florida are majestic giants. They are prized for their ability shade gardens and other areas around properties. Keep these guys pruned for a spectacular look. These trees are beautiful and here are some more facts:

    • Scientific name – Queen Palms are scientifically called Syagrus romanzoffiana.
    • Annual growth – They can grow up to 2 feet each year.
    • Mature height – They can reach a mature height around 30-40 feet.
    • Look: These trees are wide and have a brown base. These trees produce densely distributed dark green, feathered leaves that are thickly covered by the crownshaft.
    • Flowering - Queen Palms flower in spring and summer with cream-colored crownshafts. These brightly colored flowers can bud into round, bright orange fruits that shed quite heavily. If you wish, these fruits can be used to grow new queen palms.
    • Care and environment - They need well-drained soil with moderate water. They can grow in full sun or in partial shade.

    4. Royal Palm Tree

    Royal palm trees are distinguished by their striking appearance. They are native to Florida, and are known for their impressive display and high growth potential. Our trimming services will keep these beautiful. These palms have some amazing facts:

    • Scientific name – Royal palm trees in Florida  are scientifically called Roystonea regia.
    • Annual growth - They increase 1-2 feet each year.
    • Mature height – They can reach a mature height between 60 and 70 feet.
    • Appearance – Royal palms have smooth, white-ish trunks that are surrounded by darker rings at their bases. Many fronds of dark green, thinly spaced, are produced.
    • Flowers - In the summer, they have cream-colored blooms. These flowers eventually become dark purple fruits.
    • The ideal environment and care for Royal palms - Royal palms need moderate water and slightly acidic earth. To properly feed the roots, it is important that the soil be well-drained.

    You can keep your palms looking great year round, no matter what type of palm you choose.

    Well-maintained palm trees in Florida are a beautiful addition to any landscape. Call us to schedule our trimming services!

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