• Pruning Basics With Arborwise Tree Service

    7 Nov 2022 | blog | admin

  • Pruning Basics In Tampa Bay

    Learn your pruning basics young trees with us! To get started, you will need to watch prerequisite educational videos, attend pruning basics 101 classes, or take a virtual webinar. These are the steps you need to follow in order to get started:

    Below are links to class materials and additional information about improving your pruning knowledge

    Pruning Young Trees

    How can you help urban trees live a long and healthy life? Prune it early to ensure a strong structure. You can prune mature trees by hiring an arborist. However, young trees can be trimmed from the ground using a step ladder or from the ground. Hire an arborist if you have trees larger than what you can safely reach from the ground.

    Do Urban Trees Need Pruning?

    Trees that are planted in yards, parks, or along streets face very different conditions from trees that are grown in forests. They are not competing for sunlight. Instead, they get full sun and don’t need to direct their growth toward the sun. Trees that are grown in full sunlight often have a harder time reaching the same height as those that grow with other trees.

    Choose Arborwise Tree Service

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