• Tree Removal In St Pete VS. Stump Grinding

    24 Oct 2022 | blog | admin

  • There are many reasons you might want a tree removal in St Pete from your yard, including to prevent it from injuring anyone or improve the aesthetics of your yard.

    It is up to you to decide how. Do you choose to have your trees removed? These are two of the most popular techniques and they offer very different approaches.

    Stump Grinding

    Grinding doesn’t require a lot of work and can be completed quickly. The process of stump grinding involves exposing roots and then using a grinder to reduce the stump into a pulp. Small roots left behind will eventually die.

    Tree Removal In St Pete

    The root ball can grow to 10 times the diameter of the tree trunk depending on its size. It can also be well rooted to ground making it difficult to remove. This is a more difficult process because it requires removing both the stump and the roots.

    Let’s take a look at each method to help you make an educated decision.

    It’s Time to Get Rid Of Stumps

    It is important to remove stumps from your garden and not leave them in place. Here are some reasons to remove a stump from your garden.

    • To stop it depriving plants of nutrients

    A stump left in place increases the chance of smaller trees growing from it. These offshoots could continue to take nutrients from the soil and prevent nearby plants from receiving them. This would cause them to wither or die.

    • Safety

    Because they pose a danger to safety, they can also cause injuries when children are playing outside. Stumps can also cause damage to lawn mowers and other appliances.

    • Stop pests moving in

    Decaying stumps attract termites and carpenter ants, which can damage or kill other plants and wooden structures. Tree stumps can become a breeding ground for disease and fungi, which could lead to the destruction of your entire garden.

    As you can see, stump grinding is necessary. Which method do you prefer: stump grinding or tree removal in St Pete? These are the pros and disadvantages of each.

    Pros At Stump Grinding

    • Not labor-intensive
    • Quick
    • Environment friendly
    • Afterward, there is no gaping hole
    • Mulch can be done with the stump remains

    Cons Of Stump Grinding

    • Roots decay
    • Possibility of sprouting
    • Potentially dangerous for children

    Pros For Stump Removal

    Generally, stump removal has the same benefits as grinding. This is possible because the stump must be pulled from the ground. It can be completed in less than a day.

    Consistency In Stump Removal

    • There is a large hole that needs to be filled.
    • This is a more complex process
    • Heavy equipment is required and can prove costly

    After you have weighed the pros and cons of each option and made your decision, you can now remove or grind the tree stump. It is important to hire a professional company to perform this service. The benefits are more expensive than the costs.

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