• Tree storm preparation is a common topic in Pinellas County, Florida. This is especially true during the months leading up hurricane season. Our team can assist you in securing your home and protecting the property around it. It can be overwhelming, especially if there are many trees on your property.

    Arborwise Tree Service provides services to get your trees prepared for the impending hurricane season. There are many things you can do to prepare your trees for the impending hurricane season. Let’s take a look at some of them.

    Tree Storm Preparation

    • Tree trimming – It is important to have your trees trimmed before a hurricane, especially if they haven’t been trimmed in a while. Pruning reduces the chance of debris and branches being damaged or blown around by a storm. You can reduce the chance of debris damaging your vehicle or home, which could cause even more damage.
    • Tree Removal – Before hurricane season arrives, it is a good time to remove any trees that have been damaged or are dangerously close to your house, power lines, and other structures. No matter the reason, our team is equipped with the necessary heavy equipment to quickly and safely remove any tree of any size.
    • Tree Elevations – All trees need to be at the right elevations in order to thrive, grow and stay healthy. It is best to remove a tree that is too large or in need of elevation before a major storm. It could cause more damage and require more work. Tree elevations should always be done by professional tree service crews and certified arborists. If the tree canopy is not balanced, strong winds can cause it to uproot and lead to the tree falling over.
    • Dead Wooding - In the event of a hurricane or major storm, dead, diseased, or dying branches can pose a risk. As the tree has already been damaged or is dead, the risk of severe damage increases. The tree can also be damaged, as can your home. Hurricane winds can reach speeds of 50-100 mph, and sometimes higher depending on the category. You can avoid a dead branch coming at your window at 80 mph. Give us a call to schedule a tree removal.

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