• There are many jobs available for those who work with trees. A tree surgeon and arborist are two of the jobs that are commonly referred to as interchangeably. However, they are actually very different. Tree surgeons have a more formal education while arborists are more likely to gain experience in the field. Both can overlap depending on which company provides tree services. Both jobs require extensive knowledge and extensive experience working with trees.

    Learn the difference between an arborist or a tree surgeon if you need tree work on your Pinellas County property.

    What Does An Arborist Do?

    When you think of arborists as tree surgeons, they are more like tree doctors. To become arborists, they must complete extensive training.

    • Courses in tree biology and tree growth patterns.
    • The International Society of Arboriculture has a long and rigorous certification process
    • Pass the final exam following the completion of the program
    • To maintain your certification, continue with education after the fact

    The tree is assessed by the arborist. The arborist will assess the tree and determine if it is suffering from any disease or insect infestation. They can also recommend the best place to plant a tree based on its type and environment. They will usually take their diagnosis to a tree surgeon who will then proceed with the treatment.

    The Duties Of A Tree Surgeon

    Although a tree surgeon might not require as much as an arborist does, they must have extensive knowledge and experience to successfully trim and prune trees of all types. Tree trimming and pruning, much like surgery on an animal or person, is a precise task that must be done by trained hands. A skilled tree surgeon is often called upon to perform difficult or hazardous tasks. This job should not be left to anyone.

    Tree surgeons are not only responsible for trimming and pruning trees, but also for tree removal. They are skilled in cutting down trees so they don’t damage other trees or, worse, collide with buildings below. A tree surgeon might also have other duties such as:

    • Remove dead or dying tree branches
    • Perform a post-storm cleanup
    • Bracing a Tree
    • Grinder stumps
    • Tree care and management

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