• Why would you need dead tree removal? Trees can be a beautiful and useful part of any landscape. Trees add beauty and shade to any landscape. They also increase privacy. Although trees can provide many benefits for their environment, they also pose a problem when they’re dead.

    It doesn’t matter if your tree has been damaged by storms or diseases, it is vital that dead trees are removed as soon as possible. Here’s why dead tree removal is vital in The Bay area.

    Dead Trees Pose Safety Hazards

    Dead or dying trees are weak and fragile. A tree that is weak or dying will be more likely to collapse. A tree can fall over on any number of places, including your house, neighbor’s house or power lines. Because it is impossible to predict when or where it will fall, a toppled tree can pose a serious safety risk. Tree falls can lead to costly tree service and repair bills as well as emergency room visits for related injuries. If your tree falls on someone’s property, or causes injury to a loved one, you will be responsible for all repairs and medical expenses.

    Pests & Diseases Flourish In & Around Dead Or Dying Trees

    Dead trees can attract diseases and pests that can quickly multiply and spread. Dead trees are a breeding ground for pests such as roaches and spiders. These pests will often make their home in a dead tree and invade your house to seek food and shelter. Venomous pests such as spiders can be dangerous and cause severe illness. Other pests, such as rats, can carry deadly diseases that could infect you, your pets, or guests.

    Dead trees can attract diseases such as mold and mildew. If a disease has killed your tree, it could spread to nearby plants. If you have one dead tree in your yard, your entire yard and landscape could be decimated. Dead tree removal from your property will prevent pest infestations and spread of diseases.

    Arborwise Tree Service offers safe and prompt dead tree removal, dying and diseased trees as well as other tree care services.

    Dead Trees Decrease Curb Appeal & Property Value

    Removing dying trees from your property will increase its curb appeal and value. Your yard should look its best. If your tree is dead, it will quickly degrade your property’s visual appeal. If your home’s curb appeal suffers, it can cause a decline in its property value, which could result in a lower selling price. Dead trees can also be ugly and distracting to the eye. If you want to preserve your property’s beauty and enhance its value, it is important to remove dead trees.

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