• Arborwise Tree Service, expert tree specialists that deliver commercial tree service in the Pinellas County area. We can trim and prune any tree on your commercial property, regardless of its size or shape. Florida is home to many trees. No matter their size or shape, our team is ready to trim the trees on commercial properties.

    All of our tree professionals are licensed and insured. Our team keeps your clients, employees and property safe while we work. You can see the tree services we offer for commercial properties in and around Pinellas County.

    Maintain Your Commercial Landscape Trees

    Unruly landscaping can make you look unprofessional. Maintaining a landscape in good shape is a key aspect. We can trim, prune, and shape trees to make them more appealing to customers or other guests.

    We’ve worked with many trees, including:

    • Citrus (along with grapefruit, lemons, lime, and other citrus)
    • Palms
    • Oak
    • Maple
    • Cypress

    Professional tree trimming is done for trees at their earliest stages of growth so that they require less correction as they age.

    Get in touch with one of our team members to create a schedule for trimming and pruning your trees in your commercial landscape.

    Tree Removal And Stump Grinding On Commercial Property

    Sometimes trees may need to be removed from your property. Our tree-removal services are popular with some owners.

    We work closely with our commercial customers to solve any tree problems in an eco-friendly manner. We will consider other options first and then perform tree removal if necessary.

    Commercial properties can also use our stump grinding services if they need to remove trees. Our experts can effectively remove unwanted stumps and grind them into mulch that you can use in your landscape beds.

    Hurricane Proofing Trees Protects Your Business

    We prepare your trees for Florida’s hurricane season, in addition to providing routine services. We hurricane proof your trees by removing extra branches and identifying weak points in the trees’ structure. We can then create a plan that will prepare your trees to withstand the severe hurricane conditions. You can protect your employees, clients, and property against fallen tree damage.

    Contact The Commercial Tree Service Experts Today

    Our team can help you with tree services for commercial landscaping. We also provide other services to commercial properties throughout Pinellas County. Our team at Arborwise Tree Service is available to help you with tree care challenges of any kind. Contact us today for your quote on your commercial tree service such as:

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