• Cutting Tree Roots: What Are The Dangers?

    18 Jul 2022 | blog | admin

  • Roots in your lawn can be caused by many things. It doesn’t always mean that the tree is looking for water or is unstable. Before you start digging for roots, you need to understand what they are and how you should be cutting tree roots.

    The Function Of Roots

    Two functions are fundamental to root structure: feeding and structuring. Structure roots are those which grow under the canopy of a tree and start at the base. These roots become smaller as they move outwards, much like the structure of the limbs above. They provide stability and support the tree. Feeder roots are small, fibrous roots that provide nutrients and water to the tree. You can clearly see the difference. Most people see roots only as the structure, and not the entire picture.

    Pruning Roots

    These are just a few of the many to be aware of before cutting tree roots:

    • Stability – The tree’s stability is ensured by the large roots radiating from the trunk. The tree could be at risk of being cut if it is larger than 2 inches in diameter.
    • Diminished Vitality – Roots are the mouth of the tree. The tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and water is reduced when roots are removed. We’ll call this Lap Band surgery. However, in this instance you don’t want the tree to shrink. or do you? Younger trees are more likely to recover from root pruning than older trees. Trees that are stressed by environmental or health issues are more likely to die. Pre- or post root pruning trees can show signs of stress such as dead limbs, stunted growth and yellowing or anemic leaves.
    • Diseases and Pests – Trees in distress are susceptible to pests and diseases just like the human body. Fungal infections can enter cut roots and cause vascular problems that can be very difficult to treat. Trees that are stressed can become hometown buffets for insects such as bores, scales, and beetles.

    Landscape And Construction Renovation

    Addition of a house to accommodate the in-laws How to install a pool Or just renovating your landscaping? These are another area where roots can be damaged or cut. Installing irrigation systems in your yard like spokes on wheels is a good way to minimize damage.

    This rule of thumb is important: A tree will produce a root system that is at least twice the width of the drip line.

    What Should I Know If I Have To Prune Roots In My Garden?

    Pruning should not be done for aesthetic purposes only. Root pruning should not be done if the roots are causing damage to foundations or walkways. Remember what we have already said – pruning roots can cause tree damage. You might have damaged the tree by trying to save its foundation, causing it to fall onto your roof. Ouch! For a professional opinion, contact your local arborist.

    Also, you should not cut roots that are more than 2 inches in diameter. You should not remove more than 20% of the above-ground roots in one operation. Remember the possible consequences, one of them being complete tree removal.

    Is there a better season to remove or prune roots? Yes. Winter through early spring are the best times to plant trees, because they have less stress.

    What can we learn from this? With the right knowledge about how/why roots exist, they can be pruned. You can also prune them knowing the possible outcome. For more information on cutting tree roots, please contact Arborwise Tree Service

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