• It’s Time Homeowners Understood The Difference

    Tree care can sometimes be difficult and in some cases you may wonder to yourself, “Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?”. Even though homeowners may have the same tree for many years, it is possible that their trees will show symptoms the homeowner is not familiar with. It is important that homeowners are able to distinguish between tree death and tree dormancy. It is important to know that dead trees can be dangerous and unpredictable so homeowners must remove them as soon as possible.


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    Although they aren’t dangerous, it is important for homeowners to know how to care for dormant trees. Here’s all the information homeowners will need to care for their trees.

    What Dormancy Is And How It Looks

    Tree dormancy can be described as the tree-plant version of hibernation. Trees are living creatures that need nutrients to survive. Things like tree metabolism, energy consumption, growth, and growth are affected by the cold months. This is the tree’s way to protect itself from the cold months ahead.

    The snap and scratch test is the best way to determine tree dormancy. This is also a great way for homeowners to remove dead branches from their trees. It’s possible for some branches to die in winter without the whole tree going to mush.

    Simply grab a branch and snap off to perform the test. If the branch snaps easily and becomes brown inside, it is dead. You can try pulling another branch to repeat the test. If a branch is not in use, it may be more difficult to snap off. Try scratching the branch with your fingernail or a knife if it doesn’t snap off easily. If the branch appears green and vibrant on the inside, it is likely that the tree has not gone to sleep.

    Tree Care Tips For Dormant Trees

    Like any other season, trees need to be maintained during winter. They are not immune to the winter’s harsh weather just because they are in dormancy. Proper care for dormant trees can help them remain healthy and not die during winter.

    To protect their trees from fungus, homeowners can use a variety of copper-based oils and sprays. Wrapping young trees in plastic wrap is a good idea. To prevent disease from spreading, homeowners might remove debris that has fallen at the base of trees during winter.

    These are the top tips and tricks for caring for dormant trees. While dormant trees don’t require a lot of care during winter, these tips can help to ensure a healthy and strong.

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    How A Dead Tree Looks And What To Do About It

    Dead trees are very distinct. Although it might seem difficult to see the signs at first, homeowners will soon notice them.

    “Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?”:

    • Drying peeling bark
    • Missing chunks of bark
    • Branches that are dead, dried and brown
    • The base of the tree is home to mushrooms

    A trusted tree service company should be contacted immediately if homeowners suspect that a dead tree is on their property. When snow covers dead trees, they can pose a danger to your safety and become more dangerous during winter months. A branch falling on their home or causing injury to someone walking by is not something homeowners want. Although tree removal is usually the final result, professionals can take the safety precautions to ensure that the tree is ready for removal when it comes.

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