• Are you looking for St. Pete beach tree care? Trees in St Pete Florida are living organisms and require care in order to reach their full potential. Trees that are healthy live longer and can withstand many environmental threats. Trees in urban areas (suburban yards) face more environmental challenges than trees in large forests.

    As part of your home maintenance routine, you should evaluate and monitor the health of your trees. As one would fix a broken window or take care of a tree’s health, homeowners must also look after trees.

    These resources are available on our website. They provide useful information about St. Pete beach tree care and its surrounding areas.

    Get Started Right

    A healthy tree can only be ensured by giving it a good start.

    • How To Plant a Tree. Digging the hole will help your tree grow. You have to prepare the hole, remove the root ball and mulch the right way.
    • Water Regularly to Establish Trees benefit from deep watering during prolonged periods of no rain. If there hasn’t been rain, fill a 5-gallon bucket with water and water the smaller trees every week. Larger trees may need more.
    • The Right Tree, Right Place – Choose the right tree for your location. Native trees require less care and are more beneficial to the local ecosystem.
    • Top 50 Pinellas County Trees: Need help choosing a tree? Contact Arborwise to get help choosing!

    Protect the Root Zone

    • Mulch the Tree. Correct mulching can help retain water and signal to the area where to stay away. Trees can be stressed by compacting soil around roots. Make sure to leave a “donut” or ring of mulch around the roots and not touch them.
    • Protecting the Tree from Damage During Construction Protecting the tree’s trunk and overhead branches is not enough. It also protects the roots and surrounding areas. To prevent soil compaction and damage the crucial root zone, fence off the area below the drip line. Trees can be killed or weakened by cutting roots, stacking materials, covering them with hardscapes, and parking or driving over the root area with vehicles. Although damage may not be obvious immediately, enough damage can cause trees to die long after construction has ended.

    Prune the Tree

    • Pruning trees when they are young is a good way to create mature canopies that work better in urban areas.
    • Pruning basics: Learn how to properly care for your trees and volunteer with Trees in Pinellas County to help you prune trees in your community.
    • Although staking young trees may help them stand straighter, it is important to not tie down too high. Trees need to be able to move with the winds to develop stronger roots. Trees will adapt to changing wind conditions over time by strengthening their root systems.

    Eliminate Invasive Vines

    • Removing invasive vines such as English ivy and kudzu is a good idea. Vines can cause trees to become more crowded and eventually make them less slack. The vines can also act as sails and add additional pressure to trees during storms.
    • The Top 10 Invasive Trees That Harm Our Urban Forest – Learn How to Identify Invasive Plants.

    Hiring a Tree Professional

    • If you have any questions or concerns about St. Pete beach tree care, consult a Certified Arborist such as Arborwise Tree Service. We recommend that you hire ISA-Certified arborists, who have been trained and certified for their expertise.
    • How To Save a Tree Trees may require a permit before they can be removed, depending on where you live. This resource will help you determine if you have to remove a tree from your yard, or if you are concerned about a tree being removed illegally.

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