• How Much Does A Tree Trimming Service Cost

    23 Jan 2023 | blog | admin

  • For a three-man crew, tree trimming service cost about $191.00 an hour (range $164.00 – $218.00 an hour). Tree trimming costs about $675 for 3-4 hours (range $490-860). Prices and costs will vary depending on the specific circumstances of your project. This includes tree condition, tree height and proximity to powerlines. It is important to consider the location. The higher end of this range will include areas with higher living costs.

    What is the cost of tree trimming in Saint Petersburg, FL?

    This guide will give you an estimate on tree trimming service cost in your local area. We recommend that you request a quote for the project you are interested in. The following prices for trimming a tree in Saint Petersburg, FL were based on our research and feedback from local tree services.

    Tree trimming in Saint Petersburg (three-person crew)

    • Tree trimming in Saint Petersburg, Florida costs around $191.00 an hour for a three-person crew (range $164.00 – $218.00 an hour). More expensive projects that involve multiple trees or are more difficult will result in a higher cost.

    The cost of tree trimming is based on how many hours a crew of three spends trimming the trees:

    • One hour of tree work is $164 to $218
    • Costs for 2 hours of tree work: $328 to $436
    • Costs for 3 hours of tree work: $492 to $654
    • Costs for 4 hours of tree work: $656 to $872
    • Costs for 5 hours of tree work: $820 to $1.090
    • Costs for 6 hours of tree work: $984 to $1308
    • Costs for 7 hours of tree work: $1,148 – $1,526
    • Costs for 8 hours of tree work: $1,312 – $1,744

    Saint Petersburg tree removal costs

    • Saint Petersburg’s average tree removal cost is $695. Prices can range from $250 to $1,140. The work can take several days and cost thousands more for difficult projects. 

    Factors that Impact Tree Trimming Prices in Saint Petersburg

    A contractor will visit your home to give you an estimate. They will take into consideration many factors that could increase or decrease your project’s cost. The accessibility and state of the tree can impact the pricing for tree trimming. Tree trimming service cost can also be affected by the type of equipment required. These are some things to remember.tree trimming service cost

    Prices may rise if you:

    • A tall tree is yours.
    • It is not easy to reach the tree.
    • The tree is too high to support power lines.
    • To trim the tree, a crane or bucket truck will be required.
    • The tree is in poor or fragile condition.
    • You are requesting an immediate service.

    Prices may be lower if you:

    • A small tree is yours.
    • The service is requested in an off-season.
    • It is easy to find the tree.
    • The tree is already down and not yet on a structure.
    • You don’t need a crane or bucket truck to do the work.

    Tree Services Near Saint Petersburg, FL – Price

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